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ainavio develops artificial intelligence for the next generation of digitization in their serviced data cloud to empower companies to provide customers, partners and employees with unforgettable, personalized user experiences in real time.

The team of AI specialists, e-commerce and business analysts, developers, process consultants and cloud specialists with offices in Germany (Berlin), Vietnam (HCMC) and Spain (Barcelona) immediately improves system user satisfaction.

Unlike any other tool you've seen before!

Seamless integration of all your systems

Serviced Data Cloud enables integration with your solutions that you are already using successfully. Regardless of whether your existing infrastructure is cloud-based or on-premise, Serviced Data Cloud is deliberately designed as a plug-and-play solution that allows you to use innovative AI-driven data processing in less than a month.

The AI solution to optimize digital business

Serviced Data Cloud

Serviced Data Cloud is the successor technology to a multi-tenant cloud. You pay for full service with a single cloud fee. No hidden costs for implementation, upgrade services, interface maintenance, etc. No project risk with guaranteed cost reduction.

ainavio Foundation

ainavio Foundation solves all your problems relating to system integration and product data. AI automatically and error-free creates your product descriptions, attributes, images, etc. based on your individual requirements.

Despite a 50% cost reduction, our customers increase processing speed by 88% and put items online 89% faster. The AI Foundation Cloud is the basis for AI Assistant and AI Realtime Clouds.

ainavio Foundation is the basis for ainavio Assistant and ainavio Realtime.

An illustration demonstrating an image editing process
An illustration depicting a cube that is connected by lines to an L standing for the size, an icon of a shirt which is standing for the article, and three colors of which one, the turquoise color, is bigger, thus highlighted

ainavio Assistant

ainavio Assistant supports your customers, employees and business partners in all matters. Thanks to AI-based technology, you have your digital assistant for every area, with whom you can communicate, just like with your most experienced specialists.

ainavio Realtime

ainavio Realtime guarantees your system users the highest level of user experience. Information that is individually relevant to your users is made available in real time. For example, customers can, upon request, see the selected items rendered on their own body — just like in a changing room.

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Why you should use the Serviced Data Cloud

ainavio solves the 2 biggest problems of digitization

1. Digitize your data

While you focus on your business, ainavio takes care of your product data and system integrations. The Serviced Data Cloud was developed to seamlessly integrate all of your existing systems.

Regardless of whether you already use cloud solutions or on-premise systems. With AI, your data is generated automatically and error-free and high-performance integrations for your processes are made available in the cloud via AI.

2. Innovations for your users

The secret of success in e-commerce is to provide the right personalized product information in the right context. Wrong search results frustrate your users. AI-based digital assistants understand the wishes of your users and provide active advice via chatbot.

Your customers receive personalized recommendations, prices, pictures, recessions, etc. in real time and can see the selected items on their body if they wish. This reduces the return rate and inspires your customers.

These companies rely on ainavio's Serviced Data Cloud
- Große Anzahl an Artikel bei schneller Sortimentsänderung
- umfangreiche Qualitätsanforderungen des Webshops
- Effektive, automatische Produktdatenanreicherung
- Qualitätskontrolle
- 50% höheres Artikelverarbeitungsvolumen
- Integration in die bestehendeSystemlandschaft

More to be announced soon!

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Meet the team behind our product

“Our vision is to enable companies to provide their users with unforgettable, personalized user experiences in real time through AI. ”

Lorenz Schneidmadel
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Operations & Finance
Rafael Regh
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Tech & Product
Joachim Harb
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Revenue & M&A

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