Launch your successful AI transformation with the ainavio Serviced Data Cloud

which offers you a holistic platform for initiating company-wide AI applications.
A diagram for how Serviced Data Cloud can be integrated with different business systems, publishing channels and digital messaging services

Ainavio Cloud Cycle revolutionizes daily operations

with data-driven optimization for continuous performance improvements​
A schema of how the software solutions of ainavio work together

An Enterprise-Centric AI Platform

Secure & Scalable

A schema of the ainavio serviced data cloud architecture

Designed for Fastest Time-to-Value​

Whether your focus is a high-load data management deployment or you're looking for a multipurpose AI assistants, we cater to your enterprise requirements.​

Scalable with any Workload​

Our microservices architecture (Kubernetes) offers unlimited scaling and built-in resilience to cope with any volume.​

Secure &  Compliant

We take wide-ranging security measures to protect your sensitive data – from database encryption and data masking to granular access and storage control.​

Multilingual Support

Offer customer service that is global from day one with out-of-the-box support for 100+ languages.​

Preconfigured Industry-specific applications

Ainavio Foundation Cloud and Assitant Cloud are preconfigured to automate common enterprise processes and possess industry-specific know-how.

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