ainavio Assistant Cloud for eCommerce & Retail

Explore how ainavio Assistants are transforming customer service and delivering innovative solutions in e-commerce and retail by leverage your enterprise data.

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Scale Great Shopping Experiences with ainavio Pretrained Assistants​

Our systems are cross-platform capable and can be integrated into your existing systems.​

Shopping Assistant​

The Shopping Assistant is used by end customers via various direct-to-consumer channels, messaging platforms and in-store touch screen solutions.

The ainavio shopping Assistant consulates and recommends the end customer fitting products, possible promotions or instructions.

Support Assistant

The Support Assistant is available 24/7 for customers and employees to answer questions about products, shipments, returns, etc. in real time.

Unanswered questions from the Ainavio support assistant are forwarded to internal support staff.

The Only Engine you Need for 360° AI customer engagement for retail & e-commerce​

Go beyond standard answers and impress employees, customers and partners with hyper-personalized conversations, most relevant, concise information and features.​

Seamless CRM integration and your IT landscape means that Ainavio can tailor retrieved information to each unique staff and customer journey, driving delight and loyalty through outstanding service experiences.​

Empower customers to accomplish their goals in a single interaction. Through deep backend integrations, Ainavio lets you combine automated conversations with the ability to serve and solve transactional queries from start to finish.​

Retain granular control over which channel and which user has access to your enterprise data. Know exactly the origin of generated answers by tracing back to their knowledge source.​

Sales & Shopping Assistant Features​

Intelligent product recommendations and consultation​

  • Suitable products are proposed according to customer CRM data and smart questions
  • ​Unique product features and details can be retrieved at any time with source reference​
  • Customer reviews, external test information, analyses etc. can be integrated into the interaction​

ainavio Assistant Cloud – Sales & Shopping Assistant Features​

Up-Selling Feature​

Based on the queried data, possible extensions & functions for products are actively offered.​

Cross-Selling Feature​

During the conversation and customer journey, possible complementary products are offered.​

Interactive product comparison​

Comparison of different products in a product family, including competitor products, and direct highlighting of the advantages of the pre-defined recommended product.​

Individual discounts and dynamic pricing​

Individual discounts based on customer history and conversation, for example as buy box, upselling and cross-selling functions. Also personalized time-limited discounts for shopping baskets.​

Ainavio Assistant Cloud – Support Enablement Features​

Ø 70% of all customer inquiries can be answered automatically AI support by the Ainavio Support Assistant. ​

ainavio Assistant Cloud – Support Assistant Features​

Appointments and instructions​
  • Delivery & installation appointment coordination​
  • Initial installation instructions ​
  • Click & Collect appointment scheduling
Repair & maintenance​
  • Repair status query​
  • Repair appointments on site in the store​
  • Sending in products for repair​
  • Repair instructions and maintenance recommendations
​Returns & Refunds​
  • Digital returns acceptance with active product alternative suggestion​
  • Automated returns slip creation​
Warranty, billing & insurance​
  • Warranty extension handling​
  • Manufacturer warranty advice​
  • Answering billing questions

Leading brands rely on the ainavio Serviced Data Cloud

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"Thanks to the Serviced Data Cloud, we were able to reduce our costs by 50% and significantly improve our article quality. We are now able to bring our entire range online - even with rapid product rotation."

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