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Boost efficiency and customer satisfaction with ainavio Serviced Data Cloud that reduces operational costs and drives performance
A diagram for how Serviced Data Cloud can be integrated with different business systems, publishing channels and digital messaging services

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Serviced Data Cloud

The serviced data cloud offers comprehensive data infrastructure and AI application layers tailored for the retail, legal and various other industry sectors.

ainavio Serviced Data Cloud seamlessly integrates in your existing IT-infrastructure, bringing together data across systems to drive resolution and smoother customer journeys.

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A schema of the ainavio Serviced Data Cloud architecture

Our Products in the Serviced Data Cloud

Foundation Cloud

Foundation Cloud centralizes, structurizes and annotates your company wide data to provide the foundation to successfully establish AI-based solutions.

  • Streamline your data-management without worries or manual overload
  • Easily adapt complex data structures to your needs & requirements
  • Ensure top-notch quality with  AI-fueled automation and human collaboration
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Assistant Cloud

With ainavio Assistant Cloud you can provide holistic and customizable conversational AI-applications for your employees, customers, and partners.

  • Hyper-Personalized Interactions with employees, customer and partners​
  • Transaction-Ready for a seamless experience​
  • Data Transparency and Response Traceability
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Seamlessly connect and automate in- and output data with ainavio

Integrate all your end-user channels

Connect your existings e-commerce systems, CRM, PIMs, DAMS, WMS systems, online marketplaces, and more. ​

Connect partner & supplier data with EDI ​

Connect the data and systems of all partners, suppliers, and customers using standard custom protocols and formats such as JSON, Edifact, X12, CSV, XML, cXML.

Serviced Data Cloud works with the following platforms and many more:

The logo of the software company Adobe Commerce CloudThe logo of the software company AkeneoThe logo of the software company Big CommerceThe logo of the software company pimcoreThe logo of the software company ShopifyThe logo of the software company SAPThe logo of the software company Shopware

These Companies rely on ainavio’s
Serviced Data Cloud

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