ainavio Foundation Cloud for eCommerce & Retail

ainavio offers solutions tailored to the specific needs of the retail and ecommerce industry, helping you achieve cost-effective change and sustainable growth.

Centralize and enable your data ​

Ainavio Foundation Cloud provides you a state-of-the-art data platform, which seamlessly enables your enterprise data for GenAI.​
Data Integration

Ainavio integrates and standardize all relevant data sources independently of the data structure and syntax.  ​

Data Annotation

Annotate and enrich your data via an intuitive interface, automate repeatedly processes and scale automate manual processes with AI.  ​

Data Administration ​

Merge and centralize business relevant data at Ainavio Foundation Cloud and provide your organization access to important context to do meaningful decisions.  ​

Data Streaming

Connect, control and stream your data to various channels – pre-existing by Ainavio or individual customized by you. Decide with ease which data is streamed to which channel.  ​

The foundation cloud provides high-performance software components.

AI-driven processing and annotation of up to 25 thousand SKUs/day​.

Ainavio foundation Cloud as a high-performance backbone, also for legacy PIMs and webshops.

AI-driven processing platform for medias regarding image editing with 2 hours SLAs and 98.7% quality score​.

Processing of peaks in less than 24 hours​.

Attribute model with standardized change request process.

Real-time synchronization across the entire system landscape​.

Web app for central management & approval processes for style guides​.

API-First: Direct connection of all software systems and partner systems​.

These software components can be integrated into e-commerce and retail environments and serve as a basis for further AI solutions.

High-performance price management (>1 million price events/hr)​.

Central price pool and supply of all target systems; audit-proof​.

Real-time driven, modular system for the dynamic connection of new data streams.

Performant real-time mapping.

Real-time analysis of the entire data pool​.

Intuitive dashboards generate management-compatible reports​.

Unique connection via marketplace integrators​.

Attribute changes do not require any adjustment in the integration layer.

Leading brands rely on the ainavio Serviced Data Cloud

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"Thanks to the Serviced Data Cloud, we were able to reduce our costs by 50% and significantly improve our article quality. We are now able to bring our entire range online - even with rapid product rotation."

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